Skin Care & Color Cosmetics

Skin Care

Among many other functions, the purpose of the skin is to protect human beings against physical, biological or chemical external aggression as well as internal organic losses. Butylene Glycol (1,3BG) has been incorporated as a solution for many functions in skin care products. It is used as a high-performance humectant in top-quality personal care products as formulators have recognized its multi-functional properties. The key role of Butylene Glycol is as a humectant.

Plant extraction technologies require a solvent. As well as being one of the preferred humectants for skin care products, Butylene Glycol (1,3BG) is used for plant extractions and helps to obtain the extract in a compatible ingredient composition for cosmetic formulations.

Color Cosmetics

Even though color cosmetics originated in Egyptian times, the color cosmetic industry has been playing a major role in recent years as the industry works towards durability and safer materials.

Butylene Glycol (1,3BG) has been selected as the preferred component by major beauty brands in the most demanding markets. Due to properties such as surface tension, solubility and viscosity, Butylene Glycol (1,3BG) can be used as a humectant in a wide concentration range without causing any skin irritation.

As the preferred carrier and humectant for color cosmetics, Butylene Glycol is a well-established component for liquid and wet wipe make-up removers.