Fragrances react differently for every human being. This makes them unique and individual. Consumers like the scent of plants. Only a few plant classes contain essential oils. Synthetic fragrances have been developed to create the scent of many different types of plants. Synthetics also generate scents that are not found in nature.

OQ Chemicals produces raw materials for the fragrance and flavors industry. Many of the higher aldehydes are used to produce synthetic formulations to get the most delicate premium perfumes.

OQ Chemicals offers propionaldehyde as well as higher aldehydes with different scents, e.g. Florosol. These are made of OQ Chemicals’ Iso-Valeraldehyde and are used as direct ingredients in many personal and home care products.

OQ Chemicals’ TCD Alcohol DM (Tricyclodecane Dimethanol) has an important role in perfume oil formulations due to its ability to maintain the right viscosity/rheology, something that traditional solvents cannot do.