Strategy & Goals

OQ Chemicals’ sustainability strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of OQ Chemicals’ corporate strategy and is one of the factors determining the success of our business operations. Sustainability is not just a program for us but rather a commitment that we believe in.

The strategic approach taken by OQ Chemicals in its sustainability activities is based on our materiality analysis. The materiality analysis prioritizes projects and measures – while focusing on stakeholders at all times. Needless to say, these measures also conform with legal requirements.

In 2019, OQ Chemicals reassessed the main areas with a view to evaluating goals, related concepts and activities. This was carried out in a number of stages. For more information, please see our Sustainability Report 2019

Over the next few years, OQ Chemicals will be focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and establishing a sustainable value chain.

Company goals

As a company, we set ourselves goals, define measures and implement them. This allows us to meet our stakeholders’ expectations, to continually improve and, at the same time, to reduce our ecological footprint. The materiality analysis is a central strategic component here.

The following section contains a selection of goals that we have set ourselves in the various areas.


Reducing our ecological footprint. OQ Chemicals aims to be climate-neutral by the middle of the century. This involves significantly reducing our energy and water consumption and avoiding waste. Our group-wide project that manages and groups these activities is called "reduce". 


Our employees are one of our most valuable resources. We recognize and appreciate the value they bring to OQ Chemicals. Open interaction and a motivating work environment are core values for us. Our people management is geared towards attracting and retaining the talent we need. OQ Chemicals sets itself the goal of creating fair working conditions for all employees and encouraging them to pursue further education and personal development.

Value chain

We source sustainably. We evaluate and select our suppliers and service providers based on ecological, social and sustainability criteria. Our aim is to assess 100 percent of our suppliers and service providers.

Business ethics

We have very high ethical principles. All OQ Chemicals employees are required to comply with the law. Our standards for fairness and responsibility are set out in our Code of Conduct.

Sector-specific aspects

We keep a close eye on trends – and megatrends – in our sector. Having business relationships based on mutual trust along the value chain is of great importance to us. Safe, legally compliant products and processes are the basis for our business practices and are assessed continually to evaluate risks and opportunities.