Animal Nutrition

We are committed to helping the farming industry to cope with regulatory changes. This is of growing importance as we work to ensure more animal-friendly farming methods that also benefit humans.

It is of paramount importance to us that we offer the right feedstock ingredients for productivity-oriented solutions that allow for responsible animal husbandry without the need for antibiotic growth promoters.

As a leading supplier of feed additives that meet increasingly stringent market requirements, OQ Chemicals provides innovative solutions to both the feed industry and farmers and meat producers.

OQ Chemicals is certified according to FAMI-QS for specific products in the EU. This certification is the leading standard of the global animal feed additive industry, ensuring high quality, traceability and security in the feed value chain.

The new n-Butyric Acid in FI product quality was developed as a flavoring component that can be added directly to animal feed. It is suited as a palatability enhancer for many different farm animal species, as well as for fish and shrimp in aquaculture.

With n-Butyric Acid AF, OQ Chemicals is serving the animal feed industry in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to double global agricultural output and incomes for a wide range of producers while promoting healthier practices for both animals and humans. Products by OQ Chemicals help the agricultural industry in meeting all relevant regulations.

The WHO also mandates farmers and the food industry to stop using antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed to help preserve the effectiveness of therapeutic antibiotics, which are vital for human medicine. This means that farmers and meat producers must adapt to evolving industry standards and consumer demands.

As one of the world’s largest producers of feed-grade (AF) n-Butyric Acid, we make a positive contribution to animal welfare.

Animal feed manufacturers use the salts and esters of n-Butyric Acid AF – called butyrate and butyrin – in their products for calves, pigs, poultry and diverse aquaculture species.


  • n-Butyric Acid AF
  • n-Butyric Acid FI
  • Pelargonic Acid
  • Isovaleraldehyde

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