Surface Disinfectants

Surfaces are greatly susceptible to contamination with pathogens, which are then transferred to humans directly. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is an important safeguard against infections. Alcohol surface disinfectants are suitable for areas that require quick drying times and residue free drying.

OQ Chemicals’ n-Propanol BQ (biocide quality) complies with the EU biocidal product regulation (Article 95 BPR) and matches the Pharmacopoeia criteria.

Certain Carboxylic Acids such as Pelargonic, n-Heptanoic and Isononanoic Acids are used as ingredients in acidic cleaner formulations.


  • Butylene glycol (1,3BG)
  • Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate (NPG Di-heptanoate)
  • TCD Alcohol DM
  • Isononanoic acid
  • n-Propanol
  • n-Propanol BQ
  • n-Butanol
  • Propionaldehyde
  • Isovaleraldehyde
  • Pelargonic Acid
  • Heptanoic Acid

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