Company History

Company history

OQ Chemicals (formerly OXEA) is a global leader in oxo products. Today, we employ more than 1,400 people worldwide at our plants in Germany, the USA, China and the Netherlands. We know the market and the needs of our customers. This has earned us a reputation as an expert and reliable partner and supplier that is equipped to deal with all kinds of market situations.

A company with extensive experience

Our predecessor, OXEA, was formed in 2007 by a merger of European Oxo – a joint venture of Celanese and Degussa (now Evonik) – and selected business units of Celanese Chemicals.

In the years that followed, the company grew and expanded its presence in both existing and new markets.

The discovery of hydroformylation (also known as oxo synthesis) – a process developed by Otto Roelen at the Ruhrchemie plant, the largest production site at today’s OQ Chemicals in Oberhausen – was a major milestone for the industry and one that helped propel the company to the forefront of the global market.

In 2009, the company significantly strengthened its market position in the field of specialty chemicals by acquiring the Amsterdam Ester Plant (AEP) from ExxonMobil in the Netherlands.

In 2014, the chemical company achieved mechanical completion at its first Asian production site in Nanjing, China.

Since 2013, OQ Chemicals has been part of OQ, an integrated energy company with roots in Oman.