Printing Inks & Packaging Printing

Propyls solutions by OQ Chemicals based on n-Propanol and n-Propyl Acetate make a significant contribution to the development of high-quality solvents for packaging printing. This takes the printing industry to the next level in terms of quality, sustainability and safety. The benefits of propyls made by OQ Chemicals include lower solvent and ink consumption, high quality, low odor, high printing speed and optimal ink stability.

The cost benefits that Propyls provide to the industry are significant: international research indicates 30% cost savings on average. In addition, the manufacturing process is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its lower vapor pressure, Propyls reduce vapor concentration and VOC emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition to a higher solubility of the printing ink, the slower evaporation of the Propyl solvent ensures a far superior finish. Other benefits include a more efficient ink transfer, less waste and less solvent required for cleaning purposes.

Our goal as a company is to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize the consumption of ink and materials, and boost efficiency at our sites around the world. 


  • n-Propanol
  • n-Propyl Acetate
  • n-Butyl Acetate
  • Isobuyl Acetate

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