The new hair care style straightening, blow-drying, highlighting, and perming regularly can cause hair damage. Today's hair care formulations have been changing to address these issues. Butylene Glycol [1,3-BG] shows the highest performance as moisturizer. It has been incorporated in hair treatments as hair serum, hydrating hair treatment, anti-hair loss and regenerating serum, volume hair treatment and hair wax emulsion, among many other hair care products. The Butylene Glycol properties viscosity and surface tension help the final product deliver better hair texture.

Isononanoic Acid is used as raw material for piroctone olamine, antidandruff active ingredient promoted as replacement of zinc pyrithione.

Alcohols, such as n-Propanol and n-Butanol are used in hair products for hair styling, hair treatments in certain regions.

Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate [NPG Di-heptanoate (CQ)] helps to prevent loss of moisture, but is not occlusive like silicones and washes out easily, thus avoiding build-up. The treated hair surface contributes to improve wet and dry combing. The other role is a slip agent providing lubricity. 


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