Pharmaceutical & Medical Care

Pharmaceuticals and medical care products require the highest standards in their manufacturing processes, supply chain and raw materials to safeguard the health and well-being of consumers.

OQ Chemicals delivers Oxo Intermediates and chemical building blocks of the highest quality to meet the superior demands of this industry. As reliable partners for many decades, OQ Chemicals offers a broad portfolio ranging from biocidal alcohols used in hand sanitizer to specialty amines as pharmaceutical building blocks, helping to improve the quality of life for people in over 60 countries across the globe.


  • 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid
  • Dibutylamine
  • I-Butyraldehyde
  • N-Butyraldehyde
  • N-Butanol
  • N-Butyl Acetate
  • N-Propanol
  • N-Propyl Acetate
  • Butylamine
  • Butyric Acid
  • Isovaleraldehyde
  • Isobutyric Acid
  • Isovaleric Acid
  • I-Butyl Acetate
  • I-Butanol
  • Heptanoic Acid
  • Valeric Acid
  • N-Propanol
  • Propionaldehyde
  • Isopropylamine
  • 2 Ethylhexanal
  • 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid
  • Oxsoft TOTM
  • Oxsoft DOA
  • Oxsoft Gpo
  • TCD Alcohol M
  • Octylamine

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The products mentioned on this website are representative of the products offered for sale by OQ Chemicals and have been indexed according to customary industry applications.

In listing products on this website, OQ Chemicals in no way states or implies that the products have been tested as safe or effective for all potential applications or that regulatory requirements for any specific customer use or application in all countries are met. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that each product is suitable for customer’s intended use and that all regulatory requirements in every applicable jurisdiction are complied with.

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