Care, Share, Dare

Our Values 

All our activities are rooted in our corporate values:


We treat everyone with the same respect, fairness and dignity independent on who they are, where they come from and how they live their lives. For us, integrity is a fundamental ethical principle that we apply every single day in all operations. We care about our environment and strive to minimize our environmental impact. Safety is the top priority in everything we do – for the benefit of both humans and nature.


Collaboration and communication are the keys to the success of all relationships and our business. We endorse co-operation in diverse teams and foster an environment where creative and innovative ideas can be shared. We maintain trustful relationships with all our partners and share knowledge, skills and practices in order to jointly find the best solutions for our stakeholders.


We dare to make decisions and take responsibility for the results. We continuously question traditional ways, conventional processes and old habits. We empower our employees to develop and to grow so they are successful in their jobs. We provide honest feedback, we recognize strong efforts and give credit to those who go the extra mile.