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The OQ Chemicals product range comprises more than 70 oxo chemicals, which are subsequently processed by the industry. OQ Chemicals uses modern technologies and operates according to economic and ecological processes. Product quality, plant safety, environment protection and customer service have top priority.

Sales Specifications, Safety data sheets (SDS), Product Handling Guides

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Zorgol 48

CAS No.: -
EC No.: 920-427-4
Product name: Zorgol 48
Chemical name: Reaction product of propylene and synthesis gas in a hydroformylation being a sidestream during purification (EINECS 920-427-4)
Safety data sheets:
Further countries:
Great Britain

Zorgol 8

CAS No.: 68609-68-7
EC No.: 271-832-1
Product name: Zorgol 8
Chemical name: 1-Hexanol, 2-ethyl-, manufacture of, by-products from, distillation residues
Safety data sheets:
Further countries:
Great Britain
Latin America Goup MSDS
Sales Specifications:

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