Together We Make More Possible

Together We Make More Possible

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) play an important role in all of our company processes as well as our everyday work life and they are also reflected in many different ways.


At OQ Chemicals we set ourselves targets that go beyond regulatory requirements. We view sustainability as a holistic concept and aim to further enhance our profile to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. To help evaluate our sustainability and CSR performance, OQ Chemicals is registered on the Ecovadis platform and currently holds Gold Status. We are also a listed member of the Responsible Care initiative.

„We are committed to sustainability and constant improvement at OQ Chemicals – the way we act today is crucial for determining long-term prospects.“

At OQ Chemicals, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations and have identified four SDGs that we actively influence with our core business:



SDG 4:Quality Education: OQ Chemicals invests in training and further educating employees throughout the company. Particularly owing to our vocational training for young people, we are one of the most important employers in Oberhausen.

SDG 8:Decent Work and Economic Growth: The management structure of the company is geared towards economic success and sustainable growth based on defined procedures and processes. We adhere to a Company Code of Conduct that rejects all forms of discrimination, child labor or forced labor.

SDG 12:Responsible Consumption and Production: OQ Chemicals is synonymous with safe and efficient processes; as the inventor of the oxo synthesis, we are experts in this field. Our goals include maximizing output whilst minimizing input. All of our products are delivered with the relevant safety data sheets and accompanying documents to guarantee safe handling by the customer.

SDG 13:Climate Action: As a manufacturer of chemicals, we acknowledge our responsibility for and influence on the environment. We work continuously on improving our energy balance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and have set ourselves short-, medium- and long-term goals in this regard.