Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

The figures and illustrations shown here refer to the reporting year 2019 and thus to the former OXEA



OXEA’s ISO certifications


The following table depicts the EHS performance (lagging Indicator) in 2019, 2018 and 2017 within each category:

In 2019, there were no serious or major environmental or fire and explosion incidents.The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations serve as an internationally applied standard for classifying work-related injuries. The KPIs improved slightly in 2019.Typical incidents at OXEA are “slip, trip and fall” incidents, as well as cuts and bruises. Incidents directly linked to contact with chemicals, which might be understood to be typical for the chemical industry, are in general less common. We have been showing a very good safety performance, which we could maintain or slightly improve over the past years. There were no deadly accidents on our premises in 2019.Leading indicators are “before incident measurements”– in contrast to lagging indicators, which evaluate the performance of the past. Safety-related matters are measured to obtain indications on how to improve EHS-related issues in the future. Leading indicators serve to improve the EHS performance, the management system and in the end OXEA’s EHS culture.The related key performance indicators (leading indicator KPIs) are targeted to have an impact on the overall EHS performance (= number and severity of incidents). For 2019 they were quantified as number of EHS management walkthroughs, EHS trainings and EHS moments.

Leading indicators will be followed for the minimum period of one fiscal year and are decided upon by the Leadership Team. The 2019 goals of our Global EHS leading indicators program, intended to support and intensify proactive EHS work, have all been met and exceeded. The incidents in 2019 decreased not only in total number, but also in severity – a consequence of the intensified program.


The number of people employed by OXEA in the 2019 financial year was 1,416 (recording date: December 31,2019, number excludes apprentices). At OXEA, we attracted 112 new qualified staff members worldwide.Approximately 76 % of our workforce operates in production and engineering.