Propyls - The superior solvent concept

With our n-propanol and n-propyl acetate products, OQ Chemicals is a trusted partner for print shops and ink manufacturers the world over. These Propyls can replace conventional solvents in gravure printing and flexography. This change requires no further spending on the existing printing environment.

Benefits at a glance

The use of Propyls can achieve significant savings in relation to the consumption of printing ink and solvents. Benefits at a glance:

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Expertise and reliability

OQ Chemicals is a leading global manufacturer of n-propanol and n-propyl acetate. Thanks to the company’s broad-based production network in the USA and Europe (propyl acetate is made in Germany, for example), OQ Chemicals can ensure reliable delivery and is helping to drive global growth in propyl usage.

With the technical know-how drawn from their long experience of working with print and ink shops all over the world, our experts have established a global network in flexography and gravure for the benefit of our customers.

Please contact your local OQ Chemicals office for details of a tailor-made solution for your specific printing environment.

“Propyls” is the term we use for the propyl group chemicals n-propanol and n-propyl acetate or mixtures of the two. Similarly, we use the term “ethyls” to describe conventional ethyl group solvents such as ethanol and ethyl acetate or mixtures containing these chemicals.



Industry studies from around the world have identified potential savings of 20% for printing ink and 30% for solvents. Selected studies are presented here.


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